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Adjustable Mattresses and Beds- Temporary Relief for Certain Ailments

Adjustable mattresses and beds may provide temporary relief for a variety of everyday health concerns. Most of us have to work hard all day at our jobs. After work, we run around doing errands, tending to children, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn and endless other tasks. It’s no wonder that many of us feel a bit sore, tired and achy from time to time.

An adjustable bed may provide temporary relief of low back pain from lifting, bending, and running around. It may also provide temporary relief for other minor aches and pains due to muscle fatigue or overexertion. Because the head and foot of the bed can be independently adjusted, you can take the pressure off sore and aching muscles, allowing them to relax and rejuvenate.

If you suffer from edema or swelling in your feet and legs, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Your feet may feel like painful balloons. Sleeping in an...

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Could You Benefit from an Adjustable Mattress?

There are a number of benefits offered by an adjustable mattress. There are also a number of reasons that a traditional mattress may not provide as great a night’s sleep as an adjustable mattress. One of the benefits offered to users of adjustable mattresses are positions that allows for the natural curvature of your spine, which promotes good sleeping habits. When healthy posture is promoted during sleep, many of the problems and discomforts that hinder sleep may be eliminated.

Better Sleep

One amazing advantage of adjustable mattresses is that they can allow you to find the right sleeping posture – the posture that provides the most support. When it comes to getting deeper sleep, having the perfect mattress and the best posture is vital. Not all mattresses are alike, so it can be hard to find the mattress that offers you the most support. However, finding this mattress could mean...

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How To Make The Most Out of Your Adjustable Mattress

The thing about adjustable mattresses is that people automatically associate them with hospital bed mattresses… stiff, uncomfortable and a producer of bedsores. However, while Easy Rest adjustable mattresses maintain the flexibility of movement of a hospital bed, it’s been improved upon considerably when it comes to comfort and style. You get all the comfort and luxury in a bed that blends right in with your décor. When it comes to owning an adjustable mattress, personalizing it just for you is the key. How can you make it fit your lifestyle? Here’s how to make the most out of your adjustable mattress .

First, you want to make it blend in with your décor. One of the main reasons why an Easy Rest adjustable mattress is not like a hospital bed, is that it can blend right in to your home’s décor. With your own choice of sheets and bedding, it will look almost like any other bed. This...

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Comfort Of Hospital Mattresses Now Provided By Adjustable Mattresses

Why are hospital bed mattresses so comfortable? Why do they provide the most comfort and relief when you are recovering from surgery or some type of injury? The answer is simple: a hospital mattress offers the most support because it is adjustable. The amazing adjustable power of a hospital bed mattress allows you to find the best positional comfort when you are sleeping and when you are awake – either reading, watching television or talking.

Nowadays, you can find the same positional comfort that you get from a hospital mattress in the comfort of your own home. Indeed, the only difference between hospital mattresses and adjustable home mattresses functionality is that you don’t need to be in a hospital room to get the unrivaled benefits from a hospital bed mattress. With an adjustable bed mattress made specifically for home use, you get more versatility, support and better quality...

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An Adjustable Bed Is One Of The Most Comfortable Bed

Imagine spending the night in the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept in and waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to face the day. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Imagine how things would be if you woke up feeling that way. You might have a better day at work. You might experience happier times with your family. Your mood might be better too. The sad truth is a lot of us don’t sleep in the most comfortable beds. Some of us even wake up feeling sore, tired, and grumpy instead of rested and ready for the day.

So what’s a person to do? Are there really any truly comfortable beds available?

Absolutely! You can spend your time in bed in any of the 1,001 satisfying comfort positions with an Easy Rest adjustable bed! That’s right. The Easy Rest adjustable sleep experience gives you 1,001 different possibilities for positional comfort. East Rest’s adjustability eliminates awkward...

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What’s The Advantage Of An Adjustable Bed

Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep on your standard flat bed? Have you started looking into adjustable beds to figure out if they’re really worth all the fuss? Are you desperately searching for the best adjustable beds out there? You’re in luck – we’ve got the low down on what makes an adjustable bed perfect for so many unhappy sleepers! The best adjustable beds not only help you get an overall better night’s sleep, they may also help temporarily alleviate pain and discomfort as well as make your daily household chores that much easier.

Sleeping in an adjustable bed sets you in a position where your head and legs are elevated above your body. This position – in addition to making it easier for you to read, watch television, or eat in bed – might provide temporary relief for a number of health conditions. From minor ailments and annoyances the best adjustable beds out there...

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The History of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds have had a long and storied history – a history that includes craftsmen and brilliant inventors. While the adjustable bed took many centuries to arrive at the basic structure it’s at now, the adjustable beds of today are more stylish and look better than ever inside the home. Not to mention, with a few modern twists, the adjustable bed offers a few more health benefits as well. When it comes down to it, the modern adjustable bed, like the one offered by Easy Rest carries some of the same values of craftsmanship and comfort that led to the invention of the adjustable bed.

The adjustable bed is rumored to have been conceived in the 16th century, but this rumor is based on rough sketches and hearsay. Perhaps it was conceived then, but it took until the 19th century for Dr. Willis D. Gatch to design and manufacture what would become the standard for the modern adjustable...

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The Beauty of an Easy Rest Adjustable Beds

When many of us think about an adjustable bed, the first thing that comes to mind is someone laid up in a hospital room. Well, I can tell you, that when you are in the hospital, the electric bed is about the only thing that gives you any pleasure in the day. With the push of a button, you can adjust your feet, knees, head shoulders or back. You can see how this will be beneficial to just about anyone looking for a great evening’s sleep. And believe me, you won’t need to spend a night in a hospital to appreciate how these options would be good for you.

Obviously, there are a lot of people who are looking for an adjustable bed for health factors. Asthma, circulation problems, back and neck aches, sleep apnea, etc. are all valid causes to be buying for an adjustable bed. Today, these beds are available for personal home use. An adjustable bed can be positioned in different sleeping levels...

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Sleep Better on a Therapeutic Massage Bed

Better quality of sleep.

As we all know, adequate sleep is important to the proper health and well-being of individuals. Without proper sleep, various other health problems can creep up such as being overweight (yes, because the more you sleep, the more likely you are to lose weight), irritability, high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and many others. Stress itself is a silent killer and most of the cardiac arrests in the world can be avoided by having a care of stress. This is where the adjustable beds can help tremendously. These beds come with high quality mattress surfaces, which are resistant to body impressions (they do not cave in easily), are dust and mite free (thereby helping people who are sensitive to these elements), provide proper cushioning and support and since they are adjustable, all the body parts are supported. Hence, the muscles too are relaxed.

Features of...

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Why You Might Need An Adjustable Bed

There are numerous reasons why you might need an adjustable bed. When it comes to improving quality of life, many people find there is nothing more restorative than spending a night in a hydraulic bed. And when it comes to luxury beds, you don’t need to be infirmed or have a chronic disorder to benefit from an adjustable bed. In fact, you could simply be someone that works hard and needs to sleep just as hard to feel rejuvenated the next day. Here are five reasons why you might need an adjustable bed.

  1. You work on your feet. A lot of people work on their feet and after a while being on your feet all the time can start to take its toll. Hospital beds are great, because they can allow you to adjust your sleep experience, but what about bringing that experience home with you? With the Easy Rest adjustable sleep experience, you can. Easy Rest beds are designed for use in the home and have...

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