Could You Benefit from an Adjustable Mattress?  

There are a number of benefits offered by an adjustable mattress. There are also a number of reasons that a traditional mattress may not provide as great a night’s sleep as an adjustable mattress. One of the benefits offered to users of adjustable mattresses are positions that allows for the natural curvature of your spine, which promotes good sleeping habits. When healthy posture is promoted during sleep, many of the problems and discomforts that hinder sleep may be eliminated.

Better Sleep

One amazing advantage of adjustable mattresses is that they can allow you to find the right sleeping posture – the posture that provides the most support. When it comes to getting deeper sleep, having the perfect mattress and the best posture is vital. Not all mattresses are alike, so it can be hard to find the mattress that offers you the most support. However, finding this mattress could mean the difference between getting a good night of sleep and not getting a good night of sleep. An adjustable mattress, however, may allow you to find that posture and sleeping position that offers the best support, so that you can get the best sleep of your life.

Fewer Aches and Pains

When you sleep on the wrong mattress, your body is not able to maintain proper posture, which can increase the muscle and joint tension. This will significantly reduce the amount of recuperation and rest that your muscles need while you sleep. With adjustable mattresses, you can have the proper amount of support to the parts of your body that need it most, including the lower back, neck, knees, legs, ankles and feet. There are also complimenting features to an adjustable mattress that can further enhance your sleeping experience. Consider purchasing a cervical pillow or a memory foam pillow to help increase the comfort and restful sleep that you experience.

The Bottom Line

There are a number of advantages offered by an adjustable mattress over a traditional mattress. These benefits include:
• Healthier posture;
• Relief from uneven pressure distribution;
• Support for proper circulation;
• Completely customized support.
Other advantages include the fact that there are a number of angles that the bed can be positioned to, which simplifies the care that is needed for those that are bed ridden or ill. There is a good reason that the adjustable mattress is typically seen in nursing home facilities and hospitals: it simplifies the care regimen, while offering additional positional comfort for the person that is in the bed. When you purchase an adjustable mattress you may achieve temporary relief for common problems that you experience. Read more about our adjustable beds here.

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